Warped Con Logo on grey background
A selection of Adverts for Warped Con, both online and for print.

Hard to reach customers:

Warped Con is a brand new convention in an already crowded industry. We were tasked with showing how different this convention experience would be.

Grabbing attention:

Our strategy was to implement a two-phase campaign, using offline marketing tactics to drive online activity. Several Doncaster centric events on busy weekends in one of the larger shopping malls also helped. This aided in reinforcing the presence of a big event coming to the city. Coupled with an intense social media campaign and brand new website, reinforced the buzz.

The power of branding:

Well received by the public, Warped Con sold, in 3 months, all but 3 trade-tables out of 90. With the stars signed up to appear, further social interaction brought an influx of ticket sales, and a full branding exercise to establish this as an event to be at!

Warped con website displayed on iMac Screen
Storm Troopers gearing up for Warped Con