I know I can logo in black and red on a grey background
I know I can business card design on grey background

Breaking the cycle:

South Yorkshire is a challenging environment for young people. Identified as one of the least prosperous areas in Western Europe due to Suffering from a decline in traditional industries. Needing something new to break the downward spiral of low expectations and achievement among the region’s youth. Barnsley MBC wanted to create a campaign that helps in giving young people greater aspirations.

Inspirational campaign:

Wanting to overcome the prevailing ‘why should I bother?’ attitude, so we developed an inspirational campaign. ‘I Know I Can’ uses bright, desirable imagery. We combined this with photos of ‘real’ teenagers to communicate a suite of aspirational messages. This was deemed the best way to engage with teenagers in a meaningful way. The campaign integrated offline as well as online media. Using Twitter, Facebook, the internet to create a fully interactive campaign.

Changing perceptions:

The campaign aims to break down emotional barriers. To successfully encourage young people in South Yorkshire to take control of their future. ‘I Know I Can’ had a very successful launch campaign. With this in mind, it rolled out to schools and colleges throughout the South Yorkshire region.

I know I can poster being held up by the corners
I know I can billboard