Fruity Packs packets designs on grey background
Fruity Packs Bars on a grey background

Fruit snacks for everyone:

Having established themselves as celebrated dried fruit importer. JRM Godden Associates Ltd approached us to help with establishing the brand on a ‘schools only’ packaging, that went to 1500 schools every week. After this success, we were then tasked with producing an all-inclusive brand: ‘Fruity packs for you’ over 8-10 products.

Intense social campaign:

We achieved this by using multi-level social media, a new website and the new improved packaging design. Accompanied by the uptake in general healthier living. Utilising these we were able to help get the products into a variety of outlets and suppliers.

Longevity guaranteed:

JRM Godden Associates Ltd are now in their 10th year of business. Moving the perception from ‘Fruity Packs for Kids’ to ‘Fruity Packs for You’ has been relatively easy. Primarily due to the fact that kids that have grown up with the brand recognise it in supermarkets, etc. Guaranteeing that the future is bright.

Fruity Packs truck on grey background
Fruity packs dried fruit selection