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We are social media managers in Pontefract and West Yorkshire but we cover the whole United Kingdom and most of the world. Promoting your business via social media marketing is one of the important cornerstones of digital marketing and getting a good ROI on your business investment. 

What is Social Media Management?

Being a business owner is tough. From running the day to day operations, filing taxes, looking after employees, and hiring marketing people it is a complicated career choice. Nowadays you can’t have a successful business without leveraging the power of social media. 

We know having time to post and research posts which convert to sales is difficult but that’s where Thumbprint Media comes in to help. 

We have the knowledge of what types of text convert to sales, how to format and create interesting headlines and how and when to schedule posts. 

This will create a following and customer base who will “like” and comment on your posts, share funny imagery, and generally be involved in chat and information about your business or product.

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How do we do it??

How to get started with us……

How do I get started, and what next?

All we need to do is be made admins of your pages/accounts and we can start posting on your walls, making interesting images/videos, and track any results which come through.

We then generate monthly reports on engagement , likes, and social media progress so that you know the growth of your campaigns and how we are working for you. 

That’s what makes Thumbprint media different. We treat you like friends, look after your business development, and suggest a variety of unique ideas to help you grow.

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What About the Cost?

If you are looking for social media marketing in Pontefract, or anywhere in the UK or internationally, then consider our service with great pricing. 

We only charge a small fee of £200/mo per social media account to manage it. This includes us creating fantastic content, designing visually stunning images and even creating videos that will generate interest and build up your business.   

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today if you need social media marketing in pontefract or in the west yorkshire area, or beyond then we will be happy to help. 

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