SEO Wakefield, a minefield of information and agency offers:

If you are looking for SEO in Wakefield or an SEO provider in Wakefield then look no further. Being based in the area, we have a unique insight into the workings and offerings of local companies both big and small.

Local Wakefield SEO Company

We know what make the local community tick, how to present offers and deals to them, and how to optimise the content to achieve this. 

We can undertake all aspect of digital marketing, SEO and Social Media.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at some of our ranking results!


SEO Wakefield : How We Work:

Many local SEO companies provide a service designed to earn THEM money and not YOU! This is the sad truth about many SEO agencies in Wakefield and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, they talk a good game but do not deliver for their clients. 

That’s where Thumbprint Media comes in. We work with you to learn the ins and outs of your business, what your profit margins are, and what it will take for you to earn more money from additional sales, enquiries, bookings, or other means of income generation. 

What next?.

We will then do keyword research, looking for the monetising phrases that people type into Google in order to get the best results. When we have a list of keywords with good volume and good return on investment, we then modify your website’s code and content to match these keywords, adhering strictly to algorithmic guidelines, making sure it is appropriate for the latest updates.


Wakefield SEO:Linkbuilding Project

We just keep on creating magic!  As a proactive SEO agency in Wakefield, we then use our website and blog partners to build a comprehensive link building plan , creating links with a high domain authority which go back to your website, with varied anchor text. This means that we have an article or post on a website regarding your product or industry such as “Carpets in Leeds” or intermittent links like “click here” . We do this every month, to keep a link profile growing and tell Google to pick up the new links, building your website’s authority and rankings. 

How do I Start?


If you are looking for SEO in Wakefield then we are the team for you! We offer a free, no obligation quote as well as a free website audit. We have a neutrally based office, accessible from all over west Yorkshire so why not stop by for a coffee and a friendly chat? 


As an SEO agency in Wakefield, we don’t just take your money and offer you nothing in return. We are friends with all our clients and act as a sort of business development agency, coming up with creative ideas and concepts to help you promote and grow your business to a much wider audience. It’s not just SEO, it’s all aspects of marketing which we excel at. 


Take a look at some of our results below and use the form here to contact us: We always aim to respond in 24 hours and are happy to answer any questions you may have.