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There are a large number of SEO agencies in Sheffield and in the local area but Thumbprint Media stand out from the crowd. As a small team of SEO, web development, design, and overall marketing professionals, we have the necessary expertise to offer your business the best possible service at the best price.

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If you have a local business, an idea, or are a startup you might have been looking for SEO in Sheffield and trying to get some pricing or information on what to do or how to start.

We at Thumbprint Media are here to help. We take on businesses which are new, existing, or just an idea and offer professional advice for free. 

Many companies come to us after using other SEO agencies in Sheffield or in their area and have not had any results while spending a lot of money.

We take on these companies and keep them as valued customers as they see the results, have a contact to talk to when they need it and save money and time. 


Pricing with SEO always varies depending on the keywords you promote. For example, if you are selling bracelets and want to promote the keyword “bracelets’ ‘, you are promoting a keyword which will be worldwide with millions of competing pages. However , when we do keyword research and find those keywords which are easier to rank for and still get the traffic in, the cost will decrease dramatically. 

For example, “Funky Bracelets”, or “Bracelets Sheffield” , “Gift Bracelets”, will be much easier to rank. 

From initial consultation to on page and off page SEO + Reporting. We are known for our service to our clients and always going the extra mile. We will help with your business development, suggesting new ways to achieve increased sales, and report to you results that help you to make informed business decisions.

This is the way we work. Always striving to do more for you and your business. As people who have worked at other agencies, we know our service and commitment are second to none. 

How does it work?

It starts with good keyword research, finding the best search terms to convert to traffic and sales.

We then optimise your website by going through the code and content to make it match the keywords we have chosen in the previous step.

After this comes link building. We use our partners who are website, blog, and forum owners in order to create a suite of links which point to your website.

This generates a buzz about your website, by making the popularity increase (Domain Authority in SEO terms).

This all works together to make your rankings increase in Google.

How Do I get Started?

If you are looking for SEO in Sheffield or an SEO agency in Sheffield to help your business then 

please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to arrange a free consultation, site audit or just some friendly advice.