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Driving traffic to your website from search engines.


SEO | Expert Search Engine Optimisation.

There’s no point in having a website with no traffic. It’s like a shiny new car with no petrol, it doesn’t matter how nice it looks, it’s not going anywhere. If you’re wondering what is SEO and how are we different? Let’s explain:

SEO, or search engine optimisation is the process of modifying your website’s content and code as well as building links to your website. This helps to move you up the rankings in search engines such as Google.

We create an unparalleled, customised strategy for your website and company niche which includes changing your on site content to match the keywords we will promote. We then build links to your website that boost your page authority in the eyes of search engine like Google. 

The benefits of using thumbprint media as your SEO provider is that we constantly monitor and change our keyword strategy to match algorithmic changes and trends. This means you can always stay on top of the latest, traffic driving keywords.

We track all your keyword positions, backlinks picked up by Google, and other metrics and report them to you in a clear and concise form. You will be able to see our results and the results of your increased sales/leads.

We work to help you increase sales and leads

SEO is one of the leading ROI’s for any business…..

In business, you get out what you put in and investing in SEO for your website is one of the leading ways to increase your return. Coupled with Facebook and PPC ads, you can grow your company more efficiently and with further expedience.

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Some of our results

Ranking increases are our thing……

So We’ve explained our techniques, our strategies, and our services but what about results? Below are a few ranking increases we have achieved with our specific on page and off page SEO packages: