SEO Leeds : An agency you can trust. 

If you need an SEO in Leeds then look no further than Thumbprint Media.

SEO Leeds : When agencies are plentiful, you have to stand out.

That’s what we do…..

If you are looking for SEO in Leeds, you need an agency and provider who offers a premium service at an affordable price and Thumbprint media are your team! Having worked with many SEO agencies in Leeds, from small,medium, and large companies we know what steps to take to create an SEO package to match any business requirements. 

What is SEO and how is your agency different?

A little more info……

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, we are Leeds experts with the pedigree to back it up. In short, SEO is the process of optimising your website’s content and code to match keywords which you want to promote. This is step one. Step two is building links to your website to increase its “domain authority” (popularity) and help aid you in climbing the rankings. 

To further explain, the process is really 3-fold. Firstly, researching the keywords that will drive the best traffic to your website. Second, optimising your website to match the keywords in your content, and code. Third, building high quality links to your website to increase page authority and popularity. 

What makes us different is that we constantly change strategy and adapt our processes to any algorithmic change, quickly and efficiently. We also recommend other business development ideas and welcome our clients as friends and colleagues, whom we endeavour to help grow in any way we can. We are always available via email and happy to help!

What Areas do you Cover?

We’re international experts…..

We have clients all over the world with a particular expertise in Leeds, Pontefract, Wakefield, and West Yorkshire areas as this is where we are based. We have a locally based office in Pontefract where you can stop by anytime for advice on your new/existing business and have a coffee with us! In terms of SEO, we have clients based in the United States, U.K. Europe and beyond.

What about other agencies?

Our staff have worked for many of the large local SEO Leeds agencies and know the industry inside out. We have assessed how they all operate, the tips and tricks of the trade and know we can offer a better and more affordable service. From initial consultation, advice, and inception, we work with you and aid in the growth of your business.

Advanced reporting and metrics:  

Get to know how your money is spent. 

SEO agencies in Leeds usually take your money and give you a report every month which you cannot understand and are just left to it. We are different, we create fully explained reports, with the links we build directly sent to you, ranking increase reports, strategy reports, and how we can change our course of action. We also get more intimately involved with your business and become a point of contact for many of our clients with varied business queries. 

So if you are looking for an SEO agency in Leeds or have any SEO queries, questions, or want to move from another agency just give us a call or email here and we will be happy to answer anything.