Traditional brand building:

Aegis Moto’s Shiny Sauce originated in the valeting world in 2009 setting up Shiny Bike Syndrome. Offering what quickly became one of the most sought-after specialist’s motorcycle valet services in the South of England. Because of this rapid growth, a new brand identity was required.

Big ideas:

In the cleaning products marketplace it was important for Shiny Sauce to have a professional, yet cutting-edge image. We created a dynamic logo that combined movement with creativity. We wanted to deliver a corporate image that stands out from the crowd both online and offline.

Making the ‘Big Idea’ happen:

Having developed a big brand look and feel. We then rolled this out across their website, labels, sponsorship as well as social media channels. Coupled with their new PR activity, sales have rocketed, interest from the motor industry has steadily increased over time. Ducati, Suzuki and Yamaha are now stocking it in their dealerships as the prefered cleaner for their bikes.

Shiny sauce bike advert