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“The best marketers are the custodian of the customer experience.”

Image demonstrating a flow chart of the customer experience

The Challenge – If web design companies can manage to wrap great aesthetic design and UCD (user-centric design) together they will create a winning web site. A website is one tool within any company’s arsenal and it is there to increase revenue. Your company relies on the expertise of digital media companies to deliver this. […]

We get asked this a lot, “How much does it cost to create a successful online store for an aesthetically pleasing starter website.”

Image of man working on a mac building an ecommerce website

The cost truly depends on what type of CMS you choose. There are a wide variety of options (i.e. Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc.) When building your eCommerce store you must factor in the size of an eCommerce website. Also if you are looking to sell across multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google shopping, […]

What is the purpose of a brand?

image of a brand identity brochure on a desk

What is the purpose of a brand? There is a great quote that, “Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. Your brand is the way you are portrayed to the world; it’s your first and your last impression to your customers. There are three aspects to branding, these […]

Landing pages, who needs them and what do they do?

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There are very few businesses that would not benefit from a great landing page or even multiple pages. This area of marketing and lead generation is so important and requires a whole strategy of its own. As a company, we are constantly creating strategies and the landing pages for those marketing campaigns to generate hot […]

Google has a secret design library.

Image of books evenly spaced in the google colours.

.For just over a year, the hardware design team at Google have been working inside a new, highly classified design studio. Only a small fraction of Google’s employees are permitted inside this beautiful, birchwood-framed space. A team of around 150, who are hard at work designing the next Pixel phones, Google Home assistants, and all […]

Looking for a local digital media agency?

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Thumbprint Media is a local digital media agency based in Pontefract. We regularly work with various sizes of companies based in Wakefield, Leeds, York, Harrogate and surrounding areas.  We focus on offering big agency services but at affordable prices. Not only are we very cost-effective but we have a very varied set of skills within […]