Social media marketing strategies can get incredibly complicated. There always seems to be so much to do and so little time. However, there are ways to keep it simple once you know-how. You can either follow our suggestions below or for a very low daily cost, get Thumbprint to look after all this hard work and deliver incredible results that will make you money. 1. Know your niche. The niche research you did when you
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When considering digital marketing, the following are the key to making a business powerful and prominent on the world wide web. Since Google happens to be the most used search engine and also that many focus on being search-engine friendly, it is vital for a Brand or a Business to come around being search-engine friendly, which further promotes one’s business either through organic methods or inorganic (paid) methods. The list below gives you a brief-up
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The Challenge – If web design companies can manage to wrap great aesthetic design and UCD (user-centric design) together they will create a winning web site. A website is one tool within any company’s arsenal and it is there to increase revenue. Your company relies on the expertise of digital media companies to deliver this. What these digital media companies do could sometimes make or break a business. Why is this? Once marketing has managed
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The cost truly depends on what type of CMS you choose. There are a wide variety of options (i.e. Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc.) When building your eCommerce store you must factor in the size of an eCommerce website. Also if you are looking to sell across multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google shopping, Houzz etc. In order to address these frequently asked questions, we have put together answers to a lot of questions.
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In the last year, I have been spending more and more time creating engaging video ads & video content. Video is becoming more and more dominant across the marketing landscape. You don’t have to dig deep to understand why video advertising is becoming the dominant force in digital marketing. Attention spans are dwindling to a point where people are spurning large volumes of text online. Consumers stare at small portable screens directly in front of
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