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SEO or search engine optimisation is an ever-changing process. Google and other engines are always moving the goalposts so it’s important to keep up with the changes. It’s also important to look at the future and tailor any web development to match algorithmic requirements. Therefore, we give you our top SEO tips for 2020.   1. Keep your page purpose up to scratch: What is the page purpose? This is the metric Google uses to
Vita Vodka Relaunched
Vita Vodka has relaunched its core brand identity and packaging, unveiling a refreshing and distinctive identity. The new look was created by global independent branding and innovation agency Dragon Rouge and is hoped to better reflect Vita’s competitive price point, quality ingredients and Mediterranean brand story. The brand launched into the UK through a Rewards Crowdfunding Campaign. The citrus vodka drink with 37.5% ABV, launched in Spain in 2017. It’s the first vodka designed to
Image relating to article about McDonald's reasserting itself as family friendly
McDonald’s France is reasserting itself as a family-friendly restaurant with the help of four childhood prints prepared by TBWA/Paris. ‘Family proof’ seeks to position the fast-food business as a place of fun and play courtesy of striking visuals photographed by Maud Rémy-Lonvis which looks to showcase the iconic golden arches in a new light. The four prints feature colorful hand prints, a ketchup splotch, crayon drawings and playful stamps, all with a stenciled McDonald’s logo and a
Image of the different ways that brands use typeface.
Bespoke typeface are on the rise, but are brands making the most of them? As a wave of geometric sans serifs take over, we ask if it’s time branding embraced a bolder approach. Typeface licensing fees can be killer. In 2017, Quartz reported that IBM had “freed itself from the tyranny of Helvetica” by creating IBM Plex, bringing an end to the million-dollar bill it was paying each year to use Neue Helvetica. It’s notable not
image of wall graffiti relating to likes and social media marketing
Social media marketing strategies can get incredibly complicated. There always seems to be so much to do and so little time. However, there are ways to keep it simple once you know-how. You can either follow our suggestions below or for a very low daily cost. Get Thumbprint to look after all this hard work and deliver incredible results that will make you money. 1. Know your niche. The niche research you did when you
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