Blog SEO | Why Your Blog is So Important.

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Introduction to SEO blog posts:

Here at Thumbprint Media, we are experts at helping people build their businesses, large or small. One of the main aspects of this is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

This involves optimising the content and code on your website to match the search terms people type into search engines. It also involves building relationships with other companies in your niche and creating website links between them. This is called linkbuilding.

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Within this area of website or digital marketing, blog posts and blog post SEO is one of the top ways to help rank your website.

We like to provide valuable information, so we will explain why this is so important, how it works, and What tools you may need.

Remember, Thumbprint Media are organic search experts, and we provide full blog writing for SEO to help grow your search traffic.  Writing your own content is not easy, so should you not be in a position to do this, contact us and we can help build your content strategy!

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The Importance of Blog SEO and Blog Posts.

It is important for website owners to know how to do SEO on their blog because it will help them rank higher and therefore potentially get more traffic and exposure. When a search engine crawls the blog, it analyses the content and assigns a ranking based on that analysis.

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A high-ranking blog means that they may be more likely to be found, but there are several other factors that need to be considered as well.

For example, the number of links that a blog generates is an important factor in its success. Also, the domain authority of a site influences how well it will rank.

You can build your domain authority by having a high ranking blog, which answers questions users have about a product or service. Relevant content is the key to success for content marketers. 

In addition, a blog’s popularity within the blogosphere is certainly important as well, but in itself it’s not a very useful metric for determining the success of a blog.

Blog Writing for SEO: How to write the perfect blog post.

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As a blogger, it’s important to always have a thorough understanding of the importance of SEO. Your blog is an online business, and as such, you need to know the ins and outs of how SEO helps drive traffic to your website. And aside from just driving more visitors to your site, good blog SEO can also help improve your search engine rankings and make it easier for potential customers to find you online.

With that in mind, here’s the main steps to start on your Blog SEO journey:

  1. Start with good keyword research – It is important to get some good keyword ideas and to understand what keywords are relevant to your content. Once you have relevant keywords, you can then structure your content around the search terms and questions people are typing into the search engines.
  2. Competitive Analysis – Search for your chosen keywords and look at the top 10 results on Google. Note the type of content and structure of your competition, to learn about how to write your blog posts for SEO.
  3. Writing Thoughtful Content – When you’re writing a blog post for SEO, the key is to write to your audience. If you are selling, talk about the product, or if you’re providing a service, talk about the service. Think about the people you are writing for and the key points you need to make. This is about them, not you.
  4. Add Images and Good external and internal links. Add images where appropriate, like product images, images of the services you provide, and links to other sites that are relevant to the post. Add links to other posts on your blog that are relevant to the post you are writing, and where you can add a link back to your site. This helps to build a good linking profile and shows the Google crawler how your content is structured/discovered.
  5. Optimise your blog content for SEO – This is the second most important part of Blog SEO. Optimizing the text to match the keywords being typed in and the questions being asked on Google will ensure your website or blog will rank much better.

Tools required for Blog SEO

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Blog SEO is the process of optimising your blog for search engines. This includes making sure that your posts are written in a way that makes them easy to find by people who are looking for information about your topic.

Blog SEO includes a variety of techniques that help you to achieve this, everything from writing descriptive titles and meta-descriptions to including social media buttons on your blog. When done well, these tactics can lead to higher rankings in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and more traffic from organic searches.

To do this, you may need to use some specialised tools. Some free, some paid, but they are sure to save you a lot of time.

  1. Keyword Research Tool – If you want a free tool try They have a great keyword tool which limits you per day but will still provide enough information to make a keyword list for your next SEO blog post.
  2. Optimisation Tools – One of the best ways to optimise the content after it is written is to use a content optimisation tool . Something like SurferSEO will allow you to make sure your content is optimised against your top ranking competition in the search results.
  3. Rank Tracking Tools – Once you have your keywords you want to rank for, you should begin to track how your work is progressing. You can do this with an SEO tool such as which will help you to track the keywords you choose and how they are ranking.
  4. Analytics Tools – Another important suite of software is Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. These will help you to keep track of the traffic to your website and what keywords people use to reach it. It also helps with things such as core web vitals , making sure your website is mobile-optimised and has fast loading times. 

Blog SEO: Finding Someone to Write for You.

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There are many companies and freelancers who will write blog content for you but the keyword research and technical analysis for SEO are more of an acquired skill. Finding the best target keywords, as well as long-tail keywords , will help your website’s traffic grow in a more efficient manner. 

Here at Thumbprint media, our team produces some of the highest ranking blog content on any niches, with fully optimised text, images, and tags.

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We are a team of passionate, experienced and highly skilled SEO copywriters, based in the Leeds area, UK.


In conclusion, it is important to ensure your blog is written in a way that will make it easier for crawlers to find. With the right tools, you can now find the right keywords and optimisation software to write blogs which are SEO friendly and begin to rank on search engines.

Now that you have learned some tips on how to create content that’s optimised for search engines, it’s time to take action! Just write your own content or contact us at Thumbprint Media and we will be happy to help you towards SEO success!