Seo Guide 2021: Marketing And SEO for the Future

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The year of 2021 seems to be flying past rather quickly. SEO is also moving and changing at a fast pace. If you have a job in the sector, chances are you have heard about all the updates on the way. 

Everyone is looking forward to the expected trends and there are thousands of blogs being flooded with predictions. These all talk about the future of SEO and other marketing trends for 2021. Many SEO professionals have implemented such SEO strategies. They are also making forecasts based on their past experience and projections for future algorithm updates. 

SEO tips for 2021?

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In recent years, Google has developed the ability to offer users a better search experience. This is through special snippets, and advanced AI. SEO is becoming so much more complex that experts have to write content that covers all types of searches. All while trying to take advantage of featured snippets/Backend Schemas. 

So, try to write content that matches the way your customers actually speak. and make sure your content ranks in the language search. There is a big difference between language search and traditional search results in terms of search engine rankings.     

One of the biggest trends expected in SEO in 2021, is the increasing importance of optimising the user experience. This is according to a recent report in the International Business Times.

It is believed that Google will point this out in an update announced for  Q3 2021. Google will rank each passage on the page by the quality of the user experience, not just by the content itself. 

It will also compare this with the core web vitals, such as: 

  • FCP, or First contentful paint: How long before the page is rendered in the browser), 
  • TTI, or Time to interactive: The time it takes for a user to be able to interact on a page
  • CLS, or Content Layer Shift: If an element (like a button) moves when scrolling on a mobile view, this is given a negative score. 
  • Render Blocking Issues: any javascript or CSS files causing undue render blocking.
  • Technical SEO data’s relation to crawlability: how well a website’s pages can be searched and indexed by search engine spiders. The more crawlable the website, the better the search engines.

Technical SEO and THE agency in 2021

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Please follow the best practices in technical SEO. This is to ensure your site’s rankings can grow in 2021, and therefore generate more revenue. 

If you are in the top 10% of the search engine rankings, you can continuously improve a website. ‘Technical’ means it is about optimising the infrastructure of your website. It has nothing to do with the content of a website’s SEO. 

Regular audits, lighthouse scans in Google, and checking your bounce rates in Google analytics. These are all quick tips to add to your calendar. We mean it’s also useful to create alerts in your calendar to do these as parts of regular maintenance.

As an SEO company in Wakefield, we are here to make the building process a little easier by showing you how to scale your site with our proven SEO strategies. 

Trying to strike the right balance between improving visibility and increasing leads can be difficult, but we’ve listed some of the best and concise algorithm updates to help you do that. 

At Thumbprint SEO, we provide techniques that marketers can use to scale their organic traffic and sell more products or services. 

We will guide you through each technique and give you step-by-step instructions on how to implement each tactic to double the impact of your SEO efforts and direct traffic to your own website. 

Call us for help and we will pull our team together from what we do everyday as top SEO/marketing experts. 


Why SEO, what’s going on???

SEO has been around for more than a decade and a half and now . It accounts for a huge share of the traffic to successful websites. 

In fact, BrightEdge research shows organic search accounts for more than half of all traffic to websites in the US. 

Since organic search continues to trump all other search traffic, optimising your pages will be even more important for SEO. 

The main points of our simple 2021 SEO Guide are used to increase your understanding of your position in SEO. As well as on the marketing mix among other websites. It’s been a rough 2020 and we’re not even at the end of the recent health crisis. However, it’s going to be a very important year for marketing and SEO for your business as things move more online and virtual. 

Another of the changes that keeps marketers on alert is the plethora of search results that have been organised to avoid misinformation from Google’s Featured Snippets update. Constant SEO is constant because it is ALWAYS changing, and if you look at the SEO changes in 2021, you can expect more of the same. 


Search engine optimisation is the process of attracting organic (free) traffic from search results and search engines. You want people who enter keywords that are relevant to your business to see your website immediately. 

You must make sure that your website’s pages are optimised for the keywords you want to rank for, and that the website itself is fast to load, and simple to navigate. 

This is an important part of Search Engine Optimisation, because significant changes can mean that certain SEO strategies that once worked no longer work as effectively. If you know anything about search engines, you will know that they are constantly changing, updating, optimising and improving. 

Thumbprint media works worldwide, with a base for SEO in Wakefield, Leeds and Pontefract, uK. We can help your business grow as not only do we use the best SEO strategy for the latest algorithms, but we also track how to optimise for the future. 

Stay up to date when it comes to changes to search engine algorithms, as this can mean that a particular SEO strategy that once worked for you may not work as effectively. That’s why Thumbprint are the SEO company for your continued growth.