Brand Design News 2020, Latest Graphic Design Trends

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We spoke to design professionals at all levels of the industry. We wanted to capture creative opinions and discover the trends they have all adhered to.

Read on to reveal our graphic design trends that cover everything from logo design to illustration. Also, what else will come out for the rest of 2020 (let’s just get this year over with).

What trends should we look for in our transition from the 2010’s to the 2020s?

2020 has not been a good year, but it can get better.

In the second half of 2010, we saw how minimalist, flat design dominated the digital world. In 2019, there have been some incredible trends in graphic design. these have proven themselves and even exceeded our expectations in terms of design and artistic vision.

If you are a designer or work with a designer, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends. You don’t want to risk using outdated design trends that could reduce the quality and reach of your work.

Of course graphic design encompasses the designs for not just print work. It’s also website designs as everything is influenced towards the same set of standards.

This year, designers should try to think outside the box and use these trends as tools to help them achieve their goals from both a short and long-term perspective. While most graphic design trends for 2020 are infused with futuristic vibes, creatives are encouraged to think several steps ahead for their projects.

To quote Lewis Carroll: a creative person has to be at full speed if he wants to get anywhere.

Don’t forget to prepare for your competitors and stay one step ahead of them as they work on your creative projects this year. Whether you’re doing a graphic design project for a brand, a marketing campaign or even just for yourself, one thing you can do is predict the future.

Be inspired by the aesthetics, concepts and themes that will be popular in graphic design in the coming year and beyond.

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Trends in each area

Photographers strive to visualize how people interact with technology, while designers stand up and work outside their comfort zone to captivate audiences in an era of abundant visual stimulation.

We have already seen some similarities in the reaction of designers and are curious to see which patterns remain and become trends. Whether you want to step away from the trend line and defy the norms in your favour, understanding the changes and mastering important trends in graphic design is a crucial part of being an effective designer.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have seen quite polarizing trends, and while all are good for fluctuating movements, it will be interesting to see which trends remain dominant towards the end of this year.

As last year, the brands will continue to demand more from their logo designs in 2020. Flat design is still popular, with generic, faceless characters being the main trend.

Flexible logos have made headlines this year: Flexible logos, where the letters can change positions, give companies more flexibility when using logos. For example, to adapt to the limited space in an app design, you can opt for an animated version.

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Further Graphic Design Trends

If you are looking for a job as a graphic designer or have your own design company to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to keep up to date with the latest design trends.

On the one hand, we give you an insight into what is currently popular in the industry, and on the other hand, we give a brief overview of what has been popular in the recent past and future on the market.

Art deco style 2020 design

Deco is a powerful style for visual art and design, first created in France after the First World War. This trend has spread to the world of mainstream graphic design in 2018, and this year the effect has been used in horror movies.

Catering to a Changing Audience

In today’s competitive world, where attention spans are very short, colour helps professional graphic designers capture the attention of the audience and communicate a message.

Video is also working to achieve better click through rates and engagement when it comes to marketing using design.

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Companies such as Apple, Adidas and Nike rely on bright colours in their marketing campaigns. In 2019, brands like Nike, Spotify and Adobe unveiled their new colour schemes, but you’ll forget that you see a lot of rich and vibrant colouring in the design world from to brands, and just notice the same logos according to psychologists.


With Graphic design (also known as communication design) the skill is conveying a message through visual or textual content. When a designer provides graphic design services, he or she must meet a specific goal.

Therefore, keeping to trends and even improving on them is the best way to increase engagement for 2020 and beyond.

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