We get asked this a lot, “How much does it cost to create a successful online store for an aesthetically pleasing starter website.”

Image of man working on a mac building an ecommerce website

The cost truly depends on what type of CMS you choose. There are a wide variety of options (i.e. Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc.) When building your eCommerce store you must factor in the size of an eCommerce website. Also if you are looking to sell across multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google shopping, Houzz etc.

In order to address these frequently asked questions, we have put together answers to a lot of questions. These relate to the cost of building an eCommerce website; which I am sure would help.

Website Cost Estimation

  • Planning / UX – £400-£800
  • Visual Design – £350-£600 (some visual design elements will need to be modified due to mobile responsive specifications)
  • Content Support/ Content creation – £600-£1,100
  • Site Creation & Programming – £1,500-£4,000
  • Client Training / Documentation – £400 – £1200
  • Testing and Launch – £1,025 – £2,400
  • Total Cost: £4275 – $10,100 *and up, depending on Requirements

Several factors come into the picture during eCommerce website development from the scratch:

  • Designing & deploying powerful layouts
  • Shopping cart development
  • Best use of technology for coding/programming.
  • Make website responsive & mobile friendly
  • Easy navigation & social media integration
  • CMS customization, UX/UI usability, etc

To develop a true eCommerce website that will not only sell your products across multiple channels the site also needs to be efficient, logical and manageable.  Creating a customised and robust website must have the ability to not only meet the current needs of your business but the future needs and growth. It can make big differences in the budget. Thumbprint Media provide customised web development to suit your business goals and necessities. To develop a true eCommerce multi-channel takes a lot of careful preparation and planning. Moving to multi-channel eCommerce retailing can play a big part in the growth of a company if done correctly and can increase a companies turnover by 60-80%.  The Thumbprint team plays an important role. With their ideas and technical competencies reflecting from within the architecture to the UI and the end product.

The experts can develop custom eCommerce stores in such a way that ensures security. This also gives you the power to manage products, categories, vendors, shipping options, state sales tax, and provide business-critical reports on your website. All of this done in a very efficient way that creates true management control and increase turnover/ margin.

We will help you to convert your business ideas into a reality with a far-reaching eCommerce solution and a full strategy to help with your companies growth into new markets or if you are already multi-channel selling we can definitely help improve the way that you manage those channels and the sales they create so the business can continue to grow. Get in Touch with us and get a free quotation. Contact Us