How do I build a new website?

Starting a new website can be a very easy process. Even someone with no technical background at all could make a website. The only requirement is that you should be aware of all the tools this task requires. Before start working on our website, we need these services, a Hosting Package, a Domain, and a Script. These three things are the building blocks your website. If you’re already thinking “OMG this looks hard” then stop right now and speak directly to Thumbprint because this is just the start. Building your website/ shop is the easy bit! Think of it as building your nice new shiny “business” (your website or eCommerce store) in the middle of the moors with no road to it, pointless right, no one knows where it is or can get to it. You need to build your store/ business on Oxford St so everyone sees it and can get to it. There are many steps to creating your website but without the knowledge of how to tell people where your business is it is just pointless and explaining the complexities of marketing your website/ store is a very big subject indeed and if you want to go down the self-build road you really need to be prepared to spend a lot of time on the project (and time is money) and be prepared to get it wrong sometimes too.

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I know you’re thinking “You would say that as you want to design my website, build my website and also market it for me”. Sure we would love too and we would do a great job of it too but the main reason is that we see so many companies embark on creating a new website and then they come to us after 6 months of wasted time and money and it is heartbreaking sometimes. We do a great job and we show real interest in your business because we want to be the “digital department” of your business so you have experts to help when needed, experts making sure your site looks incredible, blogs are full, social platforms are performing creating leads, your marketing is creating improved sales and turnover and that your brand is growing. This is what we do for our clients, we help them grow at a cost they can afford and we ensure they get great value for money every day.

But if you want to create your own website this will help:-

A script is a piece of software which requires to be installed or hosted on a hosting server in order to work. Script is basically an entire website. In order to achieve the desired website functionality and style, we edit its script. It’s a house itself to which domain serves as a door and hosting package as a foundation. Thus, you know hosting package is mandatory for your Script to run and only a hosting provider can fulfil this requirement. They would give you enough space and bandwidth to setup your Script.

For a better understanding of this, consider that your website is a piece of software and to install it, you need a computer that is connected to the internet. That’s all that a hosting service is. They rent out their computers that are dedicated to this purpose only. Now you know about two crucial things. Lastly, you need a name for your website. The technical term of a website name is “Domain”. Facebook is a name but Log In or Sign Up is a domain. The domain is like a pointer or a signboard that points or redirect users towards your script. Domain names are unique. There can not be two Log In or Sign Up or Google. Your domain name could be anything you want. However, I’d recommend getting a similar domain to your business name or relevant at the highest extent if a similar domain is not available. For instance, if you have a shop named “Family Bakers”, try searching, or

What are the best platforms to use:

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the best, free and open-source scripts available that you can choose for your website. WordPress is not too difficult to set up (7.5 out of 10) and but has a steep learning curve. Everything is self-explanatory but can be hard to follow at times. It is as powerful as it is flexible but it will need a graphic design to customise the script.  This is called creating your brand. You can make a forum, social platform, blog or even an online shopping store with WordPress. If you want to take my advice then go with WordPress. However, Joomla and Drupal are very powerful too but have a steep learning curve.

Should you hire someone or should you make it yourself?

Hire Someone is the only correct answer.