What is the purpose of a brand?

image of a brand identity brochure on a desk
What is the purpose of a brand? There is a great quote that, “Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. Your brand is the way you are portrayed to the world; it’s your first and your last impression to your customers. There are three aspects to branding, these are; who you are, who you want to be, and how your customers perceive you. The first thing you must understand when branding your business is what your core values are. Once you have decided these, anything you produce should sit comfortably within these values. If you’re not sure what your core values are then you should ask yourself:
What is your company’s mission? What separates you from your competition? And what qualities do you associate with your company? The foundations of your brand is your logo, your messaging, website, imagery and promotional materials. Brand equity will add value to your company based on the core values that you promote and can come in the form of perceived quality or emotional attachment. Never underestimate the purpose of brand and cast it aside as ‘fluffy marketing’. It will make your customers form an instant connection with your company and if done correctly, it will make you a memorable brand that is easily distinguishable from the competition.