How do you feel about social media?

Social media in scrabble letters with a mobile phone displaying Facebook.
You know your company needs it but not sure what the goals are? You think SALES is what social media is about so you post endless “Look what we are selling” or “Look at our special deal”, sadly you won’t achieve your social media goals that way. With so many platforms to choose from, which is right for you? The other problem is that they all need something a little different with title length, image size and so on. Social media is becoming more and more important to all businesses not only as a platform to help users understand the product or service but also to encourage that your community grows so that you have an ever-growing audience of potential customers.
What’s clear is that after 10 years plus of social media in our work the honeymoon is long over and we are beginning to put it in its rightful place in our channel mix. And that has to be a good thing. Social platforms have changed how we work as communicators. I still feel it’s largely a force for good. It can be genuinely influential and it punches above its true weight at times. But it absolutely needs a plan behind it. So it’s ok for us to hate certain platforms. It’s healthy and ensures we are objective in our work. We can deliver a full strategy FREE of charge and social media management from as little as £3.50 per day. If you would like Thumbprint to deliver Supercharged Social Media for your company drop us a message or call us direct on Freephone 03333 660 450.