This is not just any web design agency

confused about social media

Does your business use the Internet? Do words like multi-platform eCommerce, UX, voice & tone and lead magnets just leave you lost or mean nothing to you? Well really that’s no surprise and even if you have heard these words and know what they mean, being able to act on them is a totally different story.

Well, believe me, there are a hundred more words like these. These words are so important to anyone who uses the Internet within their business and that means 98% of businesses.

My point is that the Internet is now a very complicated place. Just employing a web developer to design, build and host your web site is not enough in today’s market. You really need more.

Sadly everyone thinks that employing a strong agency like Thumbprint Media, an agency that fully understands multi-platform retailing (Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping etc), creating lead magnets (creation of hot leads for your business), the importance of UX (user experience) and every other intricacy of the internet will cost the earth and is only available to big brands……NOT TRUE.

If you really want to get the jump on your competition then get in touch with Thumbprint Media. Let’s see how we can help. CONTACT US